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Page optimized focus is to get you ranking no.1. SEO made simple, without the noise.

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What We Do

What is Page Optimized?

Page Optimized was built by SEO expert. Period

We’ve spent years doing SEO, we know what works for onpage optimization. You’ve done your keyword research, written your content, published. Now what?

We provide intel to help you better rank your content and keywords associated. Most SEO tools out there are fragmented and provide features that don’t actually help you. It’s just noise. We’ve built a WordPress Plugin that we use for all of our SEO needs, to actually rank.

Your only job is to write quality content, we will help you optimize it for SEO.

Keyword Optimmization

The core is to optimize your content with the right keywords

On Page SEO

No gibberish, just pure essential that helps you rank better

Tracking SEO Result

We use Google Search Console and Analytics to provide you how you are doing after you make the changes


Google Search Console & Google Analytics

After you’re done writing content and your page gets indexed. You want to be able to see how well you perform.

If you want better rankings, you can’t use third party keyword tool to see actual worth. Search volume is almost 95% inaccurate, so the best solution is to go to the actual source for SEO data analysis.

Determine how well your keywords are performing How well your page is doing: Session Bounce rate, Dwell time, etc.. Combining both Analytics and Search Console to provide 360 view of your pages.

Content Reoptimization

You might have done a great job of researching the right keyword, write the best content possible. But you continue to struggle to rank higher.

Our SEO tool will gather all the keywords you are currently ranking for, see which keyword is best for your content and identify opportunities for you to optimized it even more.

Don’t let old content go to waste. Reoptimize or repurpose them See which keywords you are actually ranking for and find new opportunities, right inside WordPress. We will telll you what is exactly missing from your content, so you don’t have to!

See Changes You’ve Made

Changed your title tag? We’ll record every changes made and provide you a simple timeline so you can review exactly when you’ve made the changes and see if your ranking has improved.

Or maybe your rankings dropped and want to see why? Maybe you’ve removed a keyword or added 352 more words in your article. Or changed the URL and did not do redirection.

Use this feature to test any changes you’ve made. Know when you’ve changed and the results thereafter. We record each changes so you don’t have to. Focus on creating quality content and we will help you see if it made an impact.

Googlebot Crawl Analyzer

When publishing new content, you want it indexed fast. Unfortunately, search engine bots like Google can crawl anytime, anywhere.

With Page Optimized, you get to see Google crawl frequency.

Some content might take a while to rank, simply because it’s not a high demand query. Therefore, knowing which content Google loves to crawl can help you strategize and create content around that topic. Remove WordPress features like /feed/ URLs so Google does not spend resources crawling.
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