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About Us

About The Founder

I dream about SEO

It’s true. I have been doing SEO for over a decade, closing in on two. I have created Linkilo, an internal linking plugin for WordPress. SEO RANK SERP, an affiliate website theme. for affiliate product displays and tables.

Building or helping a client’s website is one thing. As an SEO expert and previous agency owner, I know! We do multiple things, try new strategies, but without data, without documenting, we can only assume that it is working or not.

With Page Optimized, we wanted to minimize the time it takes for you to implement SEO correctly, with proven strategies. We also didn’t want to build the same old archaic SEO tool that you can use for free or paid. We wanted to help you do things, not just tell you something is wrong.

There are quick wins in SEO, and there are plethora of SEO tools out there for you to decipher what you should be doing. We wanted to merge this as close as possible so that you can see faster growth.

How We Started

As an SEO expert and previously owned an SEO agency, I wanted to streamline and assign my employees with tasks. This tool made it much easier for these tasks to be completed. We are building an SEO tool with task and logging to help understand and create meaningful and powerful reports to show off to your clients or to yourself.

Our Mission

It’s to simplify the SEO process as much as possible. And to help people understand what is important, leading the best path to your SEO success. We have been testing our methods for over a decade. With SEO constantly evolving, we wanted to create a platform that can actually help you do things, instead of pointing fingers saying this is wrong. We are building a tool to make SEO easier.

Company Vision

We want everyone who owns a WordPress site for blogging, small business, e-commerce, startups, and local businesses to use our product and ship out a ready-for-you SEO website. We have been building this tool for over 4 years. With the ever-changing SEO, we wanted to make sure what we provide is what is needed today and beyond.